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Monday, July 13, 2009

CO-ED COATERS RAO FINISH LINE - Sun, July 12; 7:08PM: Cooper Spur Ski Resort , 516.7 miles

Corey Rose & Claudia Rose

Dennis Hatton & Mary Zamani
Lap Lai & Suzie Wardell
Dennis Funk & Mary Ann Scholten

The Fabulous Co-Ed Coasters rode into RAO tandem history on Sunday at 19:08!!!!

The Team rode about 10.01 mpg between TS#6 and the Cooper Spur Finish Line and had an Average Speed of 15.14 mph for the entire race. It took the team a total of 34.13 hrs to complete the course and the team "Co-Ededly Coasted" through the Finish Line at 7:08PM today.


Here's the Final Race Snapshot:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Co-Ed Coasters RAO Snapshot: Time Station 6: Maupin 457.5 miles

The Co-Ed Coasters rode through the 5th Time Station at 13:43

The Team rode about 15.85 mpg between TS#5 and TS#6 and they are riding at an Overall Average Speed of 16.21 mph. At this Average Speed and distance remaining, we project a cumulative race time of 31.87 hrs and a Finish Line Time at 4:52PM today.

Ride on, Co-Ed Coasters, Ride on!!!

Sun, Jul 12; 12:28PM: 22 miles outside Maupin

Joe S: The team has been in bad cell coverage area for the route between Spray and Maupin. I had inquired several times and asked Mary to please update us as soon as they can...
told her that we have a blogsite that we need to update for those of us that would rather read rather than suffer ;-)

Her reply:

Mary De: We are 22 miles outside Maupin. We were suffering before the stop in SHANIKO for ice cream.

Sun, Jul 12;12:06PM: New update

Mary De just advised that they are about 5 plus hour out at 1208. She said ….a delay…but now back on track….

They must have gotten back in cell phone range.

She also noted they are about 50 miles from Maupin, at 1206.



We are moving the departure time up to Cooper Spur to 1300, from the Cannell’s.
Team arrival is still estimated at between 1600-1700.
Possible West wind and thunderstorms will not help.

Sun, Jul 12; 7:30AM: Ck pt 5

Picking up speed! -nf

Co-Ed Coasters RAO Snapshot: Time Station 5: Spray 358.2 miles

rough the 5th Time Station at 06:57 The Team rode about 16.25 mpg between TS#4 and TS#5 and they are riding at an Overall Average Speed of 16.32 mph At this Average Speed and distance remaining, we project a cumulative race time of 31.66 hrs and a Finish Line Time at 4:39PM today.

Co-Ed Coasters RAO Snapshot: Time Station 4: Dale 285.6 miles

Through the 4th Time Station at 02:29AM The Team rode about 16.38 mpg between TS#3 and TS#4 during the night and they are riding at an Overall Average Speed of 16.34 mph At this Average Speed and distance remaining, we project a cumulative race time of 31.63 hrs and a Finish Line Time at 4:37PM today.

Sun, Jul 12; 12:33AM: Suzie & Lapman riding

Mary De: Suzie and Lap are riding very strong, still going fast and very lively at this hour.

Joe S: That's why I call him Lapman...as in a superhero or sorts

Mary De: This does not seem to phase him. Lap told me that he would take me for a ride next week.

Joe S: What can I say? I think he's an alien...like as from another planet...perhaps Krypton?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sat, Jul 11; 10:30PM: Watch out for critters in the dark

Some random dialog from a SMS Text interview with Mary De in Johnny's Batmobile:

Mary De: "It's more chaotic in the dark but everybody is riding strong!"

Joe S: "I could only imagine. Good thing you don't have work all night..."

Mary De: "Well actually we are doing this all night"

Joe S: "You have to be careful not to step on anything in the dark. I just got back from a walk on the beach. It got dark on my way back and I almost stepped on a seal...thought it was a clump of seaweed"

Mary De: "Yeah...Scott just mentioned snakes and we have seen deer."

Joe S: "Who are you driving with?"

Mary De: "I'm in the truck with John, Dave and Tim"

Joe S: "Tell Johnny I said hello! Dave and Tim too...Hey...has Tim gotten crabby yet? ;-)"

Mary De: "Yes"

Joe S: "It's going to be a long night"

Mary De: "I'm in my happy place and am content"

Joe S: "That's good...you are Yin to Tim's crabby Yang..."

DISCLAIMER: The VBC Webmaster may have embellished the previous dialog with a comment regarding Tim's past RAO related crabbiness. We all know that he never gets crabby after being awake for at least 17 hours without any sleep.

Sat, Jul 11; 9:56PM: Who's riding in the dark right now?

"Dennis and Mary Ann are riding right now and Dennis Hatton and Mary Z are next"
-Mary Devore

Sat, Jul 11; 9:49PM: Night rules starting

"Night rules start now, no more leap frog driving, have to stay right behind the rider, in the headlights...
We also just got some gas and ice and filled up the spare gas cans.
By the way...it's very dark out here!"
-Mary Devore

Co-Ed Coasters RAO Snapshot: Time Station 3: Heppner 207.5 miles

Through the 3rd Time Station at 21:43
The Team rode about 16.45 mpg between TS#2 and TS#3 and they are riding at an Overall Average Speed of 16.3 mph
At this Average Speed and distance remaining, we project a cumulative race time of 31.67 hrs and a Finish Line Time at 4:40PM on Sunday.

Sat, Jul 11; 9:43PM: Time Station 3: Heppner: 207.5 miles

The Co-Ed Coasters have arrived in Heppner.
All riding strong!

Sat, Jul 11; 9:42PM: Getting close to Heppner

"We are in the bat mobile, bad ass truck.
Sunset in the desert, very cool, 12 miles to Heppner.
Cell reception not good but gorgeous scenery."
-Mary Devore

Sat, July 11; 7:40PM: On the way to Heppner & TS #3

On the route between Condon & Heppner
About 30 miles to Heppner and Time Station #3

Sat, Jul 11; 7:04PM: Where in the world is Thumbo? Condon

Is this the definition of wrecked abandon?

All is well from Condon - Steve Kowatts

Sat, Jul 11,16:53PM: RAO Update

Mary De says….10 miles out of Condon..1645


Sat, Jul 11; 6:32PM: Wind Power as seen from the open road

Co-Ed Coasters RAO Snapshot: Time Station 2: Moro 121.4 miles

Through the 2nd Time Station at 1629
Team is riding at an Average Speed of 16.2 mph
At this Average Speed and distance remaining, we project a cumulative race time of 31.8 hrs and a Finish Line Time at 4:51PM on Sunday.
This is quite preliminary and final time will depend on lots of factors...
like riding nonstop for more than 24 hours with minimum sleep and riding all night...

Ride On Co-Ed Coasters!!!

Sat, Jul 11, 5:12PM: 2nd Time Station check point

The team has made it through the second ck point at 1629. Riders are happy, very hot, making memories…says our texter extraordinaire…Mary Devore…..


Sat, Jul 11; 4:10AM: Crewman Dave Bowers meets Thumbo

Sat, Jul 11; 4:02PM: Mary De polishes her sneakers

Mary takes a break while waiting to help with the next rotation.
She obviously has found a new way to clean off her sneakers.

John and Tim contemplating the "meaning of life"?

Sat, Jul 11; 3:54PM: Thumbo Rides the countryside

Sat, July 11; 3:27PM: Dennis & Mary Ann Riding

Dennis giving secret signal to his fellow Crew Mate Steve...what could he be trying to say?

Co-Ed Coasters RAO Snapshot:: Time Station 1 - Tygh Valley 73.4 miles

Here's a Route Map that will be updated through the race. And a Race Summary Snapshot for the Co-Ed Coaster Team. The Team average speed is 16.49 mph from the Starting Line through Time Station 1. At this average speed, the projected race time is 31.33 hrs and a Finish Line Time is 4:19PM. It's still too early to tell since we're just beginning and we have night riding ahead which tends to reduce slow things down a bit. Stay tuned and the projected time will get more accurate.

Sat Jul 11, 1515: Happy campers

Mary De says….We are happy campers, just passed the recumbents!


Sat, Jul 11; 3:23PM: Everyone in good spirits!

Dennis & Mary Ann are on the road and the team is in very good form and riding strong.
Having a beautiful day so far. Thumbo says hello to all!
-Steve Kowats

Sat, Jul 11; 2:06PM: Time Station 1 - Tygh Valley 73.4 miles

Through the first check point at 1327. All is well, Mary De is driving the Truck, with her new pink sunglasses. (John’s truck).

- nf

Sat, Jul 11; 2:00PM: All going well

Johnny...a man & his truck...

Sat, Jul 11; 2:00PM: All going well on the road

Sat, Jul 11; 11:45AM: On the Road with the Co-Ed Coasters

Dennis "Da Funk" getting ready for his rotation

Sat, Jul 11; 10:00AM: First Rotation: Next Up - Suzie & Lap

Suzie & Lap getting ready with the Co-Ed Coaster Crew for their first rotation.

From Co-Ed Coasters RAO 2009

Sat, Jul 11; 9AM: Good Morning from the RAO Starting Line

The Co-Ed Coasters RAO has started, with Corey and Claudia riding the first unsupported 20 mile leg. It is very clear with Mt. Hood on one side and Mt. Adams on the other, beautiful, but getting warm already.

Here'a some pics from the way we started our morning:

From Co-Ed Coasters RAO 2009

Fri, Jul 10; 6:30PM: Friday Night with the Co-Ed Coasters & Crew

The Co-Ed Coasters and Crew in Hood River kicking back and getting ready the night before the Race Across Oregon 2009.

From Co-Ed Coasters RAO 2009